About Us

JPE IMPEX manufactures, trades, and exports a variety of agricultural commodities. Our product line includes basmati and non-basmati rice, spices, flour, pulses, dals, and cereals. We make many types of basmati and non-basmati rice, including Basmati Rice 1121, Basmati Rice Pusa 1692, Non-Basmati Rice Sona Masoori, Non-Basmati Rice Samba Masoori, and Non-Basmati Rice IR-64. All of these categories have received high praise from our consumers for their quality, flavor, and secure packing.

JPE IMPEX is one of the leading Basmati, Non-Basmati Rice and spices exporter in India. Our products offered by the company are known for their taste, flavor, and nutritional content and are very easy to cook as well. The hygienic processing and safe packing of our products make it a widely demanded product. 

The company manufactures Basmati Rice, Non-Basmati Rice, and Spices, the rest of the products we procure from farmers who have been closely associated with us since inception and hire a team of professionals in the field. We deal with the best variety of quality with only some experienced vendors who have incredible knowledge in cultivating and processing our entire range which is not only hygienically produced but also contains the expected aroma, taste, flavor, texture, and nutritional value. Our fresh products come straight from their farm and cutting-edge manufacturing unit without any added chemicals, taste enhancers, or additives.

With this, we ensure that our entire range abides by all the norms and safety regulations prescribed for this industry. Apart from checking all the products, we also provide them in high-end packaging material to ensure complete safety during transit.

Dealing with customers from all around the world has helped us gain expertise in analyzing the requirements of buyers worldwide; to help you get the best quality of products right at your choice of location, we handle all the processes including prompt delivery, quality-assured products, customizable packaging, and constant customer guidance throughout the process.


Our People

Our personnel are our most valuable asset. We attract, develop, and hire top people for our company. We challenge them and provide possibilities for professional development and promotion. We believe in a work-life balance that prioritizes family, which leads to good, motivated individuals who drive our company's success.


When we do business with honesty and transparency, we build a reputation for excellence that we can be proud of. We are honest, trustworthy, polite, and ethical in our interactions with one another and the buyers we represent. We always try to do the right thing by stating what we mean, keeping our promises, matching our behavior to our words, and accepting responsibility for our actions.


We value trust. We develop and maintain trust throughout time. We seek to build trust amongst our employees and customers. We promote open communication, set good examples by fair, honest, and consistent behavior, and accept responsibility for our actions, accomplishments, and mistakes. JPE IMPEX would not exist without trust and dedication.


We treat each other with dignity and talk openly. We seek to build excellent collaborative working connections with our colleagues and the consumers we serve. We communicate effectively at all levels of the organization. We value our workforce's variety, the individual contributions that each of us can make, and the inclusion of different points of view.


Client service is our primary priority. We think that service excellence will provide results that set us apart from our competition. We respect our customers and recognize that they choose to do business with us. We consider both our buyers' long-term and short-term needs, ensuring that we meet all of our commitments. We all have a personal duty to keep our clients' loyalty and confidence by increasing the service and assistance we provide them. We work hard, celebrate our accomplishments, and learn from our mistakes.