Our Team


We would like to express our personal gratitude to all our partners, business allies and customers who have shown full confidence in us. It is this confidence bestowed on us by all the stakeholders that empowers and inspires us at every step of our operations.

We are a company that operates at highest standards of quality, purity, managerial and operational skills. We are a company founded by entrepreneurs aimed at achieving success though delivery of high-quality products to most discerning global customers. JPE IMPEX is a prominent player in Indian domestic markets and in line with the global growth strategy. We have always implemented new initiatives in sales and marketing, manufacturing and supply chain development. We constantly aim at enhancing our market share through "Value Distinction".

Once again, we thank our farmers, trade business partners, suppliers, business associates and last but not the least our own employees for the commendable work and contribution in our journey company.

Smt. Anita Sharma

Founder & CEO

Smt. Anita Sharma, founder of JPE IMPEX, has been a pioneer in the agro-food sector for the last 10 years and is responsible for JPE's 360-degree expansion depicting sustainable growth.

Mr. Narendra Sharma

Director Operations

A cognoscenti of the import and export Industry. JPE IMPEX is flourishing under the guidance of its Operation Director (Mr. Narendra Sharma). His decade of experience in this industry has given the desired growth to the company. His profound knowledge of food products, strategy, planning, operational techniques, and ethical business practices has enabled the company to stand tall as a leader in the market.

Mr. Dharmendra Kumar Sharma

Procurement & Export Manager

An ambitious 36-year Indian Entrepreneur having more than 11 years of experience in international sales and marketing in the food industry. He leaves no stone unturned when it comes to quality control and meeting international standards. With his high thinking ability and detailed knowledge about various product processing and cultivation techniques, he explores international markets and ensures consistent growth and timely deliveries to our clients.